Smokefree Workplaces

Smokefree Workplaces

Creating a Smokefree work environment benefits health, the community and your business.

Making your workplace Smokefree supports the vision of a Smokefree New Zealand/Aotearoa by 2025.

Recruitment Processes

Preparing potential or new staff for a smokefree workplace environment will provide clarity and assist compliance with the policy.

The following suggestions may be useful in this process:

  • Job advertisements may include a statement like “We provide a smokefree environment.”
  • Job descriptions include a brief statement about the policy
  • Job interviews provide clarity on this policy. Candidates could be asked if this would be difficult for them to comply with. If a candidate who smokes is successful, quit support or nicotine addiction management could be recommended or provided.

Case study: Community and Public Health (C&PH)

Community and Public Health take a strong stance by stating that staff must be non-smokers. Existing staff members who smoked were offered help to quit or support to manage their nicotine addiction while at work.

Community and Public Health were taken to the Human Rights Commission twice and it was ruled that smoking is not a human right.

Visit the Human Rights Commission website for information on human rights, smoking and employers.

The following statement is placed in all C&PH job descriptions:

Non-smoker: Community and Public Health has a policy of only employing people who are non-smokers. For this application a non-smoker is defined as someone who has never smoked, or has not smoked for the last three months. If you are appointed to this position, it will be a condition of the employment that you are, and remain, a non-smoker.

All job interviews include the following compulsory question on Smoke Free Status:

"As CPH works to promote health in various settings, including advocating for smoke free environments and assisting people to give up smoking, it is a requirement that staff employed at CPH are non smokers.

"For the purpose of this application a non smoker is defined as someone who has never smoked, or has not smoked for the last three months. If successful in this role, it will be a condition of employment that you are and remain a non smoker.

"Can you please confirm that you are a non smoker?"