Smokefree Workplaces

Smokefree Workplaces

Creating a Smokefree work environment benefits health, the community and your business.

Making your workplace Smokefree supports the vision of a Smokefree New Zealand/Aotearoa by 2025.

Arranging Quit Support

Arranging stop smoking support or addiction management

Implementing a total smokefree policy can be a key motivator for those who smoke to make a quit attempt.

Providing access to support services and medications prior to the implementation date will increase the chances of success. It will also be a demonstration of good will and good intentions.

Some people who smoke may be reluctant or feel unable to stop smoking at the time of implementation. Providing access to smoking alternatives (e.g. nicotine replacement therapy - NRT) while at work will assist them to adjust and comply with the policy. It may also lead to a quit attempt in the near future, at a time that is right for them.

Some suggestions for an effective workplace quit programme include:

  • taking a positive and supportive approach.
  • providing stop smoking information and support early.
  • providing support during work time. This may involve:
    • having services come into the workplace;
    • allowing staff time to visit their doctor or pharmacy; and
    • reimbursing or subsidising costs associated with quitting.
  • providing ongoing subsidised access to NRT via registered health professionals on staff to aid quitting attempts or to manage nicotine addiction while in smokefree environments.

Contact Stop Smoking Canterbury/ Te Hā - Waitaha if you want quit smoking support in your workplace.


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