Smokefree Sports Club

Smokefree Sports Club

Sport is a large contributor to everyday life in New Zealand, enriching our communities in so many ways. It raises enjoyment levels and health outcomes, and contributes to a sense of belonging and community spirit. Sports clubs are central to making this happen.

Ensuring Success

Once you’ve made your club and grounds smokefree it’s important to ensure the policy is implemented successfully. 

Experience tells us that most smokers are respectful of smokefree areas.  Keeping everyone informed and ensuring smokefree signs are highly visible is essential to the success of the policy. 

If you see someone smoking on your grounds it is important that they are approached and it is addressed. If breaches continue it can undermine the clubs' smokefree stance. When the club first goes smokefree you may need to approach a number of people to let them know about the policy. It does not take long however for people to become aware of, and respect, the policy

  • Did you know that these sports grounds and the Club are Smokefree?
  • Would you mind smoking elsewhere please, these grounds are Smokefree.
  • You may have missed the signs over there but these grounds are Smokefree.

If a player, coach, manager continues to smoke despite repeated approaches your club will need to think about how this is managed. Ensure that they are aware of quit support options and the clubs stance.

Smokefree Warriors in Rolleston

RollestonWarriorsCanterbury’s newest rugby league club is tackling unhealthy sideline behaviours head on.

The Rolleston Warriors were established in 2016. President Nui Ririnui says from the beginning they’ve had a real focus on creating a safe environment for families. “I wanted to create a place which was healthy for my kids, and being smokefree, and alcohol free, is a big part of that,” says Nui.

Nui says being a smokefree club has been much easier than he expected. “Everyone has really bought into it, it hasn’t been hard at all. In fact, many parents have selected us as a club because we’re smokefree.

“Even opposition teams have been supportive. The other day a dad from one of the teams we were playing came over and thanked me, even though he was a heavy smoker. He was about to light up, saw our signs, and went off elsewhere, out of sight of the kids. So even though he was a smoker, he was helping support us to have a smokefree environment for our kids and families.”

Nui hopes that other sporting clubs throughout Ōtautahi follow suit, and that soon being a smokefree club is just seen as the normal thing to do.