Help Me Quit

If you want to quit smoking you’ve come to the right place! This website can help you quit by connecting you to the most appropriate support service for you.

You have everything to gain by quitting smoking.

Find out how much you could save with the Cost of smoking calculator.

No one says quitting is easy, but people show it can be done every day.

Getting help to quit more than doubles your chances of successfully quitting.

Te Hā Waitaha/Stop Smoking Canterbury is the new free specialist service to help you quit smoking.

Sorting out Stress

The relationship between smoking and stress is confusing.  People who smoke feel stress when their levels of nicotine get low and they begin to crave another cigarette. Smoking relieves this stress, as the consumption of nicotine make the feelings of craving go away – for a short time! This is how addictions work.

Many people who smoke (and some ex-smokers) can turn to cigarettes in times of real stress, as they remember the relief they get by smoking.  Smoking does nothing to relieve stress when it is caused by external factors (such as earthquakes, financial problems, or family relationships).  You may feel better for a minute or so as you remember the relief experienced when nicotine cravings wear off - but this is not genuine stress relief.

Smoking actually increases stress on the body when it is trying to deal with the 4000 poisons contained in smoke  entering the blood-stream, and smoking also puts stress on your pocket as it is a very expensive habit.

Within 6 months of being smokefree you can expect your overall stress levels to be lower.

Get more information about how to deal with stress while quitting.

Any stress that results from quitting smoking can be effectively reduced by using nicotine replacement therapy or other medicines. These help manage the withdrawal of nicotine that cigarettes provide while you get adjusted to being smokefree.

A series of short videos are available to find out how NRT helps you and how to use it.

Talk to Your Pharmacist

Many Canterbury pharmacists are able to provide you support with quitting, including subsidised Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Pharmacists also stock products such as inhalators and sprays designed to help you quit.

Talk to your local pharmacist about quitting with their help.

Other Quitting Tools


Medicines such as Zyban and Champix are available through your GP and may be subsidised.


This free online service is for those who like the support of others but find it hard to go to a group in person. It also has some really helpful information explaining nicotine addiction. Check it out!