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  • Columbus Café Ashburton

    Columbus Café Ashburton

    "We took the step to make the café totally smokefree to celebrate World Smokefree Day 2015. It all went smoothly and been really well received by our customers and staff. Making the café completely smokefree means our customers can enjoy good food and coffee in a much more pleasant and healthier environment, particularly for the children we have visit."
    [read more about Columbus Café Ashburton]

  • Charlotte Eggers

    Charlotte Eggers

    "My dad used to smoke (before I was born) and knowing now how smoking can affect you and those around you, I'm just glad he stopped."

  • Jemimah


    "I just think too many people are dying or being badly affected by smoking."

  • Harata Franks SmokeFree ABC Roopu

    Harata Franks SmokeFree ABC Roopu

    "30 years ago was my last time I puffed on a cigarette . I am so proud of Aotearoa making a stand to be smokefree 2025. We continue to allow the cigarette companies to take our money and at the end they grow richer and we die one by one. We need to stop and take a stand no more my friends."

  • Emily


    "Love breathing fresh air!"

  • Shannon Hardy

    Shannon Hardy

    "I never realised the extent of damage caused by smoking until I joined the ABC Smokefree team. I absolutely support the Smokefree 2025 goal. The benefits to each person that quits, and to society as a whole, are profound."

  • Canterbury Men's Centre

    Canterbury Men's Centre

    "Exciting to be part of closing off the source of so many early deaths."

  • Hāpai te Hauora

    Hāpai te Hauora

    "Aotearoa was once smokefree and we wish to be smokefree once again. As Hāpai te Hauora our organisation holds the National Tobacco Control Advocacy contract meaning it is our role to influence the hearts and minds of all New Zealanders to believe as we do, that tobacco should have no place in our country, our cities, its towns, our communities and our families. Our major focus is our priority groups, Māori, Pacific and wāhine hapū who are disproportionately affected by tobacco harm. Mauri ora. "

  • The Martin Whanau

    The Martin Whanau

    "Breathing in the fresh air!"

  • Trudy longson

    Trudy longson

    "I worked in hospitality for 20 years, and way back then, was a smoker ( 8 a day ) but that along with inhaling the 2nd hand smoke in the bars I worked in doesn't bear thinking about..I saw the light 10 yrs ago & hate it now"



    "I don't smoke at all but one of my closest friend does. I have tried many times to make him quit smoking but failed. For some time he stopped but again he started. I am supporting smoke free 2025 just in the hope that my loving friend would quit smoking one day."

  • Keri Jackson

    Keri Jackson

    "I smoked on and off for nearly 20 years. Last year with a newborn baby and my husband having to leave work, we just couldn't afford it anymore. A friend lent me a vaporiser. I was very dubious as it seemed like a fad, for hipsters. Like it was too new, untested, maybe not safe. But it was the only method of quitting that has ever worked for me, and now I'm an enthusiastic vaper and proudly smokefree for over 10 months. I feel so much better for it. "

  • Michelle Harvey

    Michelle Harvey

    "I come from a family of smokers I am the token non smoker in my family showing there are other ways healthier alternatives to reduce stress and make your body and mind stronger. Choosing to be smokefree is different in my whanau but one day I may not be the only one. "

  • Riwai Grace

    Riwai Grace

    "I have never smoked but so many of my whanau and friends do, I am hoping that by sharing this goal I can help inspire one person to kick their habit. Remember your not alone there are many fantastic organisations that can help you if you want to try One here in Otautahi is Purapura Whetu Trust they have dedicated staff who can help."

  • Cate Grace

    Cate Grace

    "I took my first puff at 12 years old. Stolen butt from my parents. I had watched mum, dad, uncles and grandparents smoke my whole life. I would save my paper run money to buy cigarettes from the dairy back when they were only 10c each! The irony was I would bike to the Hagley netball courts for practice and games, umpire and then smoke on my way home. It took me 20 years to kick the habit completely and I have been smoke free for ten years (except for a couple on the day of the earthquakes!) It is a cruel habit and expensive in more ... "

  • Tri Pounamu

    Tri Pounamu

    "Tri Pounamu is an Ōtautahi based whānau service who are passionate about creating healthy whānau through physical activities and healthy lifestyle choices. We believe in supporting a Whānau Ora approach to creating a world where our kids can grow up smoke free. "

  • Grace Training NZ

    Grace Training NZ

    "Grace Training NZ exist to encourage others to get active and stay active. We believe supporting a smoke free workplace and navigating whānau to agencies to support Hauora (health) will lead to healthier communities."

  • Lolina Avia

    Lolina Avia

    "I took my first puff at the age of 8yrs old. Back then, everyone smoked in the house, in the car and so on. The adults would light up a cigarette, leave it on the ashtray and walk away. That's when I started. By the age of 15yrs old, I was fully smoking. Especially since back in my teens, shops would sell 10pk cigarettes or in singles. I was 22yrs old when I started to try and give up. My home became SmokeFree then too. My house has never looked and smelled better! The curtains were no longer going yellow. It took many attempts. Just before I ... "

  • Scott Babington

    Scott Babington

    "Imagine a world where our kids grow up SmokeFree. We can do this, for ourselves and for all other New Zealanders"

  • Sara Webb

    Sara Webb

    "Healthy Families Christchurch aims to improve people’s health by challenging targeted communities (Spreydon-Heathcote in Christchurch) to think differently about the underlying causes of poor health, and strive to make changes in our schools, workplaces, sports clubs, marae and other key community settings to help people make healthier choices. Increasing physical activity is one of the key components of this initiative, which also focuses on improved nutrition, more people being smoke-free and reduced alcohol-related harm. Healthy Families ... "

  • Sara Webb

    Sara Webb

    "The Sport Canterbury team delivers programmes and events to teachers, coaches, sporting organisations, health professionals and people of all ages. Everything we do is about getting, and keeping, people engaged in sport and physical activity. Our Regional Sports Trust offices are in Christchurch, Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury and the West Coast. We are proud to be smokefree and support Smokefree 2025."

  • Anton John Prado

    Anton John Prado

    "I am asthmatic and and a health professional. I know several people with the same condition as me who's body is upset with cigarette smoke and have worked with patients with various lung conditions brought about by long term tobacco use. Therefore I believe that stopping tobacco use hopefully in the year 2025 will not only improve the health condition of patients, but build a better environment for people with asthma as well."

  • ABC Smokefree

    ABC Smokefree

    "Recently we met with 100 at risk youth (18-25 year olds), majority of which were also of our maori population. As part of our engagement we asked the question "who here currently smoke or have smoked in the past? Majority put up their hands. We then asked 'who here have never had a puff ever?' About 10% raised their hands. To our amazement, the reaction from their peers was outstanding. There was this almighty applause (from all those who have been consumed by tobacco and nicotine addiction). The energy, the support, the pride was ... "

  • Charles


    "I’m a 55 year old smoker that’s smoked on and off for many years. One time when I had quit before I did so by going cold turkey. Another time I quit using NRT but I always went back to smoking. I’ve been Smokefree now for the past 4 months and I’m not going back to smoking this time. I’ve been using a Lemon flavoured e-cig but am now cutting down on that as well. I no longer worry about others around me who smoke. I go to the Gym every day and am losing weight which is now my next goal. I’ve been putting $50 aside a week from the money I ... "

  • Sonia


    "I'm a working mother of 3 and have been Smokefree since the 9th of February. I was smoking a pkt of 30 cigarettes over 2 days. I set my quit date then slowed down during the 3 weeks up to the date. It was important to me to set a quit date and have a plan for triggers that came once I stopped - carrot sticks and keeping busy did help to begin with. Also using patches with the backup of gum helped and regular phone calls from my Smokefree support person Carol. The main reason I quit was the cost. Being a single working mum and living from week ... "

  • Racheal Te Oranganui Iwi Health Aut

    Racheal Te Oranganui Iwi Health Aut

    "Whanau Ora Approach We provide support to Quit Smoking. Providing NRT and a face to face service. In an environment that you feel comfortable in."

  • Wendy Barker

    Wendy Barker

    "The health benefits of not smoking are obvious; those that don't smoke enjoy better health and quality of life. There's nothing cool either about environments and people that reek of it. I sat down for a toastie and coffee outside a café in New Regent Street (wanted to support them given the street is suffering from a downturn in business resulting from earthquake repairs to adjacent buildings) only to have someone park themselves at the table immediately next to me and light up. I know they were within their rights to do so, but it shortened ... "

  • Kate


    "Being pregnant I am even more aware of having to breathe in second hand smoke. It is disgusting sitting outside at a café/restaurant and not being able to get away from those smoking. I completely support being Smokefree by 2025 and would really like to see smoking banned from outdoor dining."

  • Cath O'Neill

    Cath O'Neill

    "I took my kids to Corsair By this summer and missed out on enjoying some fresh air because of three guys smoking on the small beach. Bring on smokefree New Zealand. Also I'm tired of the outside seating areas of cafes being just for smokers and passive smokers. Coffee Culture Riccarton is the worst for this. It's a suffocating experience just walking past!"



    "Just common sense... smoking HAS NO HEALTH BENEFITS."

  • New Comer's Guide to Canterbury

    New Comer's Guide to Canterbury

    "Many people come to Canterbury for a new start. A new start for them, a new start for their children. What better start than to be Smokefree? We support healthy, happy people settling in an enjoying the Christchurch and Canterbury area - as part of that we support Smokefree 2025."

  • Issy ferguson

    Issy ferguson

    "Because kids do what kids see. We need to break the cycle and remove smoking from the normalised part of society. It is unnecessary to smoke to fit in or establish an identity and until our parents and leaders quit, young generations will keep starting "

  • Green Prescription Sport Canterbury

    Green Prescription Sport Canterbury

    "‘Sport Canterbury and Green Prescription strive to get more people, more active, more often. We support the goal of a Smokefree Aoteoroa 2025, as we see being smokefree as an important aspect of living an active and healthy lifestyle.’"

  • Stacey Harris

    Stacey Harris

    "I stopped smoking 5 years ago and can't imagine going back. I hate seeing my friend smoke now (I only have one smoking friend now!) and would love for her to stop. Even though she doesn't even live in NZ, we could be amazing leaders in a smoke free world. "

  • Sue kennedy

    Sue kennedy

    "Hate seeing parents in cars smoking with children on board. Trying to enjoy eating a meal outside and people smoking. Hate sitting at the traffic lights and having to close window down because of the car next to me having smoke coming from the driver. Support total ban!!"

  • Susie McDonald

    Susie McDonald

    "I detest smoking - who wants bad breath, stinky clothes/hair, negative health outcomes, the financial burden of being addicted......... So glad that that we now have a growing culture of "smoke free" being normal. It is up to us all to keep giving the same consistent message to those remaining smokers - that help is available to assist them to become smoke free!! 😀"

  • EastCare Health

    EastCare Health

    "the team at EastCare Health, are committed and dedicated with supporting SmokeFree 2025 for all New Zealanders. We believe that a healthier future for our community requires eradicating smoking. "

  • Allison Franklin

    Allison Franklin

    "My sister smoked for over 50 years and at the age of 69 is very disabled with little lung capacity."

  • Sara


    "I am an ambulance officer , I see the direct impact on smokers and their children living in a smoking household , very excited to see NZ smoke free some day. "

  • Caroline



  • Southern Diver - Fee Penney

    Southern Diver - Fee Penney

    "We support a smoke free environment to help people live longer, happier and more active lives"

  • Anthony Fallon

    Anthony Fallon

    "Quite simply smoking is a social menace, it is bad for health, bad for the environment and follows a cyclical path through families from one generation to the next. I also am quite fed up of cigarette butts on my lawn "

  • Jacqui Wilson

    Jacqui Wilson

    "Parents should not be able to smoke in cars while transporting children. "

  • Yassar Alamri

    Yassar Alamri

    "Because we are expecting our first baby whom we want to be raised in a smoke-free environment."

  • The Heart Foundation

    The Heart Foundation

    ""Smoking is one of the leading contributers to heart disease. Smoking increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by four times, with smokers dying on average 14 years earlier than non-smokers. The Heart Foundation is committed to promoting heart healthy lifestyles and helping people to become smokefree is a very important part of this." "

  • Jermane Hibbs

    Jermane Hibbs

    "I've been smokefree for 3 months now. I support Smokefree 2025 because of the health implications. I want NZ to be a healthy country and not waste money on cigarettes. Its worth it giving up."

  • The Bridge Salvation Army Addiction Services Christchurch

    The Bridge Salvation Army Addiction Services Christchurch

    "Our organisation is committed to being a smoke free environment and supportive of the goal of being completely smoke free as country by 2025. What we know is consumers of our services have a greater likelihood of maintaining positive lifestyle changes if they can address nicotine dependence as part of their over all treatment goal set."

  • Jess


    "I support Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 as I would love to see a huge reduction in the burden of disease that comes from tobacco smoking. Supporting general practice to positively and appropriately support people to stop is my current focus."

  • Jason from Waiau

    Jason from Waiau

    "JASON from Waiau had tried to stop smoking 3- 4 times before. Jason is 4 months smokefree . “Saving money is the big thing I feel fitter and breathing better and the main thing for me is I am enjoying not smoking and not being trapped to it. Support was great because there were times when you asked yourself (am I succeeding) and then you got a phone call from Carol and you knew you were. I feel you definitely need support as well and recommend that you do need to stop for yourself or your family and not give your money to tobacco companies”. "

  • Nese from Waikari

    Nese from Waikari

    "NESE from Waikari had been Smokefree and recently slipped back to it when she was referred to Carol. She is now over 3 months Smokefree. “I hated the habit and smell and felt stuck to smoking. Health wise I feel so much better and I used to always have to use my inhaler. Now I rarely use it”. “Support from carol was important as I could feel my self-slipping back to old habits. Carol was someone who wasn’t family and the phone calls were reminders that she was still supporting me. I felt I could gain control again with support. I feel a better ... "